Favorite wedding proposal


Are you still planning a wedding this summer? When I’m trying to figure out where to get a wedding dress, I found TBdress is my first and last stop for style inspiration. Not only does it keep me updated on the latest trends and what my favorite fashion bloggers are wearing, but it gives me a whole range of ideas on what could potentially look good as the main role of a wedding.

At a wedding party, we’re always trying to keep all wedding-goers, grooms, and guests, updated on the latest and greatest trends and inspiration. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite pictures for our wedding guests today! Make sure to select your wedding dress from Ericdress if you want to save the style idea for later.

3Rather than a wedding dress merely, Ericdress creates each of its design into a combination of culture and art in an open-minded manner, and shows the world the unique charm and verve of modern women. With following the new trend of dress design at world level, Ericdress Design is positioned to display women’s elegance and grace to the greatest extent.


While, how do you think about the wedding dress from Ericdress? Please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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How to survive long hour flights ?


How did you survive long hour flights ? Let me share with you my true experience about surviving long hour flights. You could not sleep well, you will be aching all over and your face will feel very dry. When the plane is landing you will feel like vomiting. There is no pill for passengers to take in order to feel better during the long flight, but there has some tips to share with everyone that will help you survive the long flight!

Prepare your entertainment:   Make sure that all your devices are charged up. You could download movies or TV series, such as the hot HBO TV series—“Game of throne (season1-5)”. Download some e-books of your favourites as well. Buy a pair of high quality headphones. Don’t imagine that you could do work on your laptop, there is no place for you to put on your elbows.

Be comfortable: Buy a super comfortable outfit and put it on before getting on the plane. Stretchy leggings、a long-sleeved T-shirt、a lightweight cardigan and a pair of cashmere socks would make you feel very comfortable.

Get some sleep: Do not drink alcohol, it will make your sleep worse on a long flight. Chamomile tea could help you get some sleep, as did eyepatch and neck pillow. You could use the pillow provided by the airline as a lower back support, and use your own pillow to cradle your head. Use hydrated eyemask for your eyes before putting on the eyepatch. The part under your eye is very vulnerable, and this will keep the part hydrated during the flight.

I have shared with you my true experience about surviving those awful and long flights. welcome to share with me some experience about how did you survive your longest and worst long haul flight!

Is Tbdress a scam or a legit website?

Tbdress says that they sell hundreds of dedicated dresses for global customers and most of their customers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. Customers around the world can purchase a wide range of products at low prices on tbdress.com.

Tbdress claims that they offer a quick-and-easy online purchasing process, and their dedicated customer service reps will help you out whenever you are having trouble. They say that their paypal paying processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment.  They say that their international delivery system is very mature, and they sell superior products and provide better and faster online shopping service for all customers.

IS TBDRESS A SCAM OR A LEGIT WEBSITE? Let us find it out together!


I have searched on google and have found that tbdress scores 4.1 out of 5 on the platform of weddingwire. Most customers write reviews on this platform after purchasing wedding dresses、bridesmaid dresses or flower girl dresses from online stores.  Let us check those customers’ reviews together!



Many customers who have purchased from tidestore have shared positive purchasing experience on this platform. If you have purchased from tbdress.com, why not share your purchasing experience with us as well? Whether it is a positive or a negative experience, you will be more than welcome to share your true experience with us!



How to make watermelon pops?


Last weekend I watched a TV program teaching people how to make “juice pops”, then I tried to make my own version of “juice pops”, and I am more than pleased with them and ready to do a second time. You could use whatever juice to make your “juice pops”! Let me share with you how did I make the juice pops! It’s time to have fun!



First, Make 1 cup of watermelon liquid with your blender. and pour the juice into small cups, until 1/2 full. Place handi-wrap over the top of the cups, and use rubber bands to hold them in position. cut a tiny slit in the center of the handi-wrap, and put the popsicle stick into the juice, making sure the stick is held in place by the wrap.


Second, waiting until they are solid, and then cut a slit on the handi-wrap and take them out of the cup.

After they are taken out of the cup, you could eat them or put them into a ziplock bag and store in the freezer for next time.

Kids love them so much! Try to make some for the kids in your family, and they will love you so much! 


TBdress Reviews on youtube

Every successful company longs for customers’ positive purchasing experience, because customers’ compliments mean everything to the company’s CEO who is eager to achieve big accomplishment. Successful companies regard negative reviews very valuable as well, because from those negative reviews, companies could get a lot of information from their customers, although most are subjective opinions rather than objective ones, those reviews are like a thoughtful conversation between companies and customers.

One customer has shared her purchasing experience on youtube. She has bought some items from tbdress.com, which are Hip Korean Style Cotton Snow-Shaped Leggings、Joker Starts Print Cotton Short、Vintage Metal Buckle Leather Women Cross Body Bag、 Classic Eyes Totem Print Sun Tops/Tank Top、Fashion Lady Print Preppy Style All-matched Cotton T-shirt  and Beautiful Strapless Solid Color Big Hem Blouse.  We are glad that this customer is satisfied with our items, and now we want to share with you this customer’s purchasing experience. Let us have a look together:)

SnapThis is the screenshot of the video the customer has shared on youtube, the screenshot links to the video. If you finds the video very interesting, you could check different viewers’ opinions by rolling down the webpage. You could see the publisher’s reply as well. If you have had similar purchasing experience with tbdress.com as well, welcome to share your experience, whether it is a positive or a negative one!


Simple exercises to make you more attractive

People all know that if we want to be healthier we need to exercise, but most people do not know that exercising could make them look more attractive! The first thing occurs in our mind that could make us look more attractive is by rubbing a lot of skin lotion on our faces and putting sun cream  on our faces and body when going out, but making our muscle stronger and having a better circulation in our faces and body can actually make us look more attractive from the inside. You deserve to become a more attractive person! Please just follow our simple exercises and get ready to become healthier and more attractive!


1. Do a headstand. Performing this action will help you pump the oxygen-rich blood to the face. Better blood circulation will help you erase wrinkles and make your facial muscle tighter. Try to keep in this position longer and put it into your daily exercises. If it is hard for you to do a headstand, you could lie upside down on your bed or sofa and this will have the same circulatory  effects on your face, also saving you from the struggling of practicing balancing.  Ready to start chasing your wrinkles away? 

2. Start sweating. Sweating could help you clean your skin’s pores, particularly those pores on your face. But, please keep in mind that only keeping your heart rate between 120-150 could help you achieve the effect, because other kinds of exercises such as weightlifting could not keep you in a continuous, heart-pumping condition.  Doing more  aerobic exercises,  such as swimming, running, walking or other exercises for at least 15 mins will keep your heart rate in a certain level, and after you have finished exercising, you will have a healthy blush on your face, and your face will glow for whole day! This exercise will do both your face and your body good!

3. Facial yoga.  You will learn some facial exercises that work out your facial muscles. The reason why do we need to exercise our facial muscles is because the structure of our face is supported by our facial muscular foundation.  To chase your wrinkles away, open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue out as far as it will go. Keep that going for 5 seconds, and repeat 7 times. The best of this facial yoga is that you could practice it while doing a lot of other things, such as cooking, tidying , and even while playing table tennis! Although practicing facial yoga with people around may look a bit scaring, and may scare others, it is very effective for making you more attractive! Ha ha…






Learn to find inspiration with fashion bloggers

Being a fashion addict, have you always been browsing famous fashion bloggers to find inspiration?  With the help of those talented fashion bloggers,Your mind will be a steady stream of fashion inspiration, shuttling between avant-garde and retro. They are truly your soul mate. Newly emerging fashion bloggers will bring new things to our fashion blogger circel! Let me introduce several British fashion bloggers! Come and find out which one is your “old friend” :)


Olivia |What Olivia Did

Beautiful lifestyle photos, large quantity of women clothing and accessories. She is good at matching flowers with colorful clothing, every photo is full of sunshine.


Sade |In My Sunday Best

Gorgeous clothing photos


Amber | Forever Amber

strong retro style, this Scottish blogger Amber likes wearing briefs and stilettos.


Ella | Coco’s Tea Party

effortlessly and perfectly interpret big design mash up


Victoria’s secret angel – Adriana Lima

Adriana Francesca Lima (Brazilian Portugues) born June 12, 1981) is a Brazilian model and actress is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000, and as a spokes model for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. At the age of 15, Lima finished first in Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” competition, and took second place the following year in the Ford “Supermodel of the World” competition before signing with Elite Model Management in New York City. In 2012, she came in 4th on the Forbes top-earning models list, estimated to have earned $7.3 million in one year. In 2013, she came in 3rd place and in 2014 she came in 2nd place with earnings of $8 million. Let’s take a look at her beautiful moments on the stage of Victoria’s secret fashion show!


Miranda Kerr Style

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has become a style icon, appearing in everything from high-end fashion campaigns to street style blogs. Her evening looks include floor-length silk Alexander McQueen dresses and Swarovski jewels, and in the daytime she favors Topshop maxi skirts and Isabel Marant sneakers.

With her beauty and girl-next-door charm, Miranda is one of the most in-demand models, securing magazine covers, major ad campaigns, brand ambassador gigs and runway shows. She became a true star in the global style consciousness when she was named the first Australian Victoria’s Secret angel, and has been a high profile figure ever since. Expanding beyond the modeling world, Miranda has her own organic skin care and beauty line called KORA Organics and is an author of self-help books.

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New Dresses for summer time!

Today I come to you with a post about fashion. and I plan to do some shopping to refresh my wardrobe. I was recently in a number of shops and clothes when I found it,  honestly I would like to have everything I saw there. I decided to look for something on the Internet, because there you can always find something cheaper. I looked through page tbdress.com, and decided to see what kind of clothes I found there for the summer. I chose the one that are most appealing to you :) Check out their page, because you can also find there is something for everyone.

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