Sexy prom dress makes you a real princess!!

Hey girls!
Today I’ll show you a beautiful  short prom dress, you could show your beautiful long legs wearing it. I found it on TBdress and fell in love with it at once. It was made custom size, so if you ever decided to order don’t worry that it may not fit you – you can always have it handmade after your own measurements. Shipping was quite fast!
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Casual Blazer

10697374_5Blazer jackets are very usuful. You can wear them anytime you want. If you are looking for a classic blazer you can find it on Tbdress.

The blazer will never be out of fashion so if you buy a blazer you will wear it as long as you want. This black-white casual blazer fits very well. It will show your slim figure.

Not to mention how professional and business chic a blazer is. It will always be the go-to-piece for any work related situation.

If you like this blazer there are other color options on Tbdress.

Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit

black jumpsuitJumpsuits are very popular this season. I know they are not very easy to wear. But if you wear it with high heeled shoes you will love it;)

This black, deep V-neck jumpsuit is very classy and chic. Style it with a black clutch and black high heels. You will love this all black look;)

 If every time you see one of your favorite celebrities wearing a jumpsuit, you think “I should get myself one of those things” then check out TBdress.

Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals

10963235_2 10963235_3

I love yellow so when i saw these stiletto sandals i knew i had to bought it. If you love yellow as much as i do you should check out these amazing shoes.

The butterfly on it is so cute and classy. Style it with a lovely skirt and a chic top. You should wear it at a party, you will get so many compliments;)

These sandals have a great quality and the price is really good. There is also purple color option on Tbdress

Accessories Trend: Grown-Up Backpacks

11228741_1Printed backpack


If you think backpacks are necessary only for school kids, you are wrong. The backpack trend is back and you don’t have to be going back to school to appreciate the backpack. There are so many amazing options for adults. They’re easy to wear, they can complate any look.

If you are ready to let go of your handbags you should check out these stylish backpacks on Tbdress. If you want to look cool with a backpack sling it over one shoulder or try it with a dress and heels. 

 If you love ’90s fashion you should give a chance to backpacks;)

Black Overcoat

tbdress overcoat

If you are looking around for a long, lightweight overcoat for spring you should check out this amazing coat. The design is great and stylish. It is black so you can wear it with anything you want.

Who can say no to a new coat? It is on sale and it has a cheap price. You must add it to your spring wardrobe.

It is chic and stylish. You will look so attractive with this cool coat;)

Mickey Mouse Ears Hat


Mickey Mouse ears hats are so popular right now. I want to buy one for myself and my sister. So we can look stylish at fashion week. But if you don’t go to the fashion week don’t worry. You can wear this hat anywhere you want.

11028273_3This hat is so cute so you can wear it with your cosy clothes. It looks so different than other hats. It is so stylish. If your outfit doesn’t look good enough to you then you can complete it with this adorable hat;)